Ellen Goldstein, LCSW

          Welcome to my website.  I invite you to take a tour, and see what is available.  

You will find descriptions of the type of consultation and coaching that I offer,  a creative and intuitive process of exploration.  

Some see an opportunity to tune-in and tune-up, take a meditative break from daily life and
enter into a process of
creating new possibility.

Many come with curiosity, to learn more about what makes them "tick," about how to care for themselves,
how to be more effective in their professional lives or personal relationships and how to play.  

Also on this website (soon!) you will find some examples of my creative journey with fused glass, as well as some
writings, perhaps my version of a blog, that I hope to post on the Sharings page.  Stay tuned! 

Thank you for visiting.  Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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Ellen Goldstein, LCSW

phone & fax: 585.271.2710

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